Why Climate Change Could Mean The End Of Us

All of a sudden things are starting to realize how drastically and how soon climate change is going to be affecting all of us. Too many times it has been a controversial issue such as abortion or LGBTQ rights, as opposed to a real danger. The fact of the matter is that as a human race it will be almost an ironic way to end our species as we will have literally killed ourselves without acknowledging the fact that it’s happening. Below we thought we would share a couple facts about what climate change could mean for mankind and the world come the future.


The Apocalypse Is Real


No longer is the apocalypse something we pretend happens in movies and video games, this could actually turn out to be an unfortunate reality for mankind. What the apocalypse means is that there will no longer be life on earth as we will have turned it into an inhospitable wasteland. The vehicle which will bring about this destruction, as heard many times before is going to be greenhouse gasses and our fossil fuel consumption. What this will actually do to our planet is slowly but surely heat it up as the sun rays become trapped in our atmosphere due to the thick amounts of gasses. As gruesome as it sounds the planet will eventually become too hot to live in, life will not be able to thrive and species one by one will slowly become extinct as the environment becomes too extreme. If this is a big enough hint for the human race, then we will be next as the plants and trees will shrivel up as we ourselves begin to suffer in the planet we once thrived in. When it’s all said and done we will have caused a mass apocalypse through global warming.


On The Lighter Side Of Things!


It should, however, be noted that this first stage of global warming is already upon us and many are starting to take action. Some of the smarter ones have begun to release credible, and respected evidence to support legislation being passed that will avoid such an event. It is unfortunate that it had to get this far but we should all be thankful that there is still time for us to turn things around and keep the planet thriving as it always has been.


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