What Can You Do?

So now that you know a couple very real and possible scenario that the world could end up at, now is the time for you to figure out exactly what you can do help avoid this disaster. If everyone combines and simply follows some basic guidelines, it’s not a difficult thing to avoid. Unfortunately the problem with mankind is that not everyone thinks on the same page, but if we can get enough people thinking and acting to help achieve a common goal, it is very possible. Check out a couple things that you can do in order to help keep the threat of apocalypse down to a minimum.

Be Green!


The best way to keep the environment from going downhill quickly and leading everyone to the end, is to simply be self-conscious of your environmental efforts! This encompasses many aspects of your life which include, recycling, driving less (or driving battery powered cars), and ensuring your waste goes to the right place when you are done with it. They all seem like very simple steps that you can take to avoid apocalypse, but it is still surprising how many people are oblivious about what causes apocalypse. Not enough people realize how dangerous littering, fossil fuels and improper waste disposal are to the entire planet. We need to finally smarten up for once in our history and start thinking ahead to the days in the future when we don’t have to worry about overheating the planet to the point of apocalypse.

Don’t Start a War


Yes believe it or not this common sense does not appear to be that common in humanity. For the entire history of mankind people have always fought over land, food and water, regardless of the consequences of their actions. With war being the most real threat to our planet’s safety, now is the time for mankind to look at ourselves and realize it is not worth it destroying the planet over another war. What we ask of you is really very simple, that you don’t go about starting another war that we all have to worry about.


So there you have it, everything you wanted to know about global warming leading to apocalypse and war leading to apocalypse. If this all wasn’t enough to scare you into loving thy neighbour and recycling, then nothing will. The only thing that will stop humanity from dealing with an apocalypse will be humanity itself. Unfortunately this also happens to be the same trigger that could potentially cause the apocalypse.


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