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Although these crazy Vegans are annoying and are as extreme as Donald Trump supporters, they are actually on to something. Hear me out! Before you roll your eyes and click on to other things that align with your interests and views. Look at all the crazy sh*t that is going on internationally. We are literally on the verge of World War III or at least going back to the age of the Cold War. Hello Hitler incarnate. Let’s just dig up Nixon, Eisenhower, and Truman. They all knew exactly what to do. Sorry, way off topic! These crazy vegans are onto something. Ask yourself. What will I do if Armageddon does happen? How will I protect myself and my family? The first step is to get your body running at optimal performance. The way to get this optimal level is through detox/cleansing, vitamins, and all around health.


Detox and Cleansing


Toxins are literally surrounding us everywhere. It is in our clothes, sheets, walls, posters, phones, etc. You name it, it is probably toxic. So, what’s the solution to the rising exposure and levels of toxins in our body? Detoxes and cleanses. Now, you would be surprised to know that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to detox your body. Let me repeat that, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to rid your body of a good portion of impurities. For one, there are tons of books you can check out from local public libraries that talk about holistic healing… I know, sounding like a hippy is weird. You can also find several books on holistic therapies at half price book store. From there, you can develop and create a cleansing regimen that works for you.




Vitamins, minerals, water, and metals, are absolutely essential to optimal body performance. Thus, you must start eating a balanced diet. Or at least know what a balanced diet looks like. McDonalds? Not balanced. Chik-fil-a? Not balanced. Believe it or not, Chipotle? Not balanced. Leafy greens like spinach, lettuce, cabbage, kale, etc. I know what you’re saying “yuck”. Yeah, this stuff is not the norm of an American diet these days. But it is undeniable that consuming leafy greens is one of the easiest ways to get most vitamins we need. Other things to consider are supplements that are real and without additives like gelatin and sugar. Start with tea, then step up to homemade smoothies, or smoothies at vegan juice stores, then move on to 1 well-balanced dinner, and so forth. You can do it!


All Around Health


In the midst of a potential apocalypse, we must be ready for any and everything. If you rely on fast food or restaurants to supply your food, you are essentially doomed. Your health is imperative to survival. Don’t take this lightly. Get your body functioning near maximum ability to prepare to walk long distances, battle things that are greater than you, and to help others along the way. The time is now, before it is too late.


How are you preparing yourself for survival?


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What Can You Do?

So now that you know a couple very real and possible scenario that the world could end up at, now is the time for you to figure out exactly what you can do help avoid this disaster. If everyone combines and simply follows some basic guidelines, it’s not a difficult thing to avoid. Unfortunately the problem with mankind is that not everyone thinks on the same page, but if we can get enough people thinking and acting to help achieve a common goal, it is very possible. Check out a couple things that you can do in order to help keep the threat of apocalypse down to a minimum.

Be Green!


The best way to keep the environment from going downhill quickly and leading everyone to the end, is to simply be self-conscious of your environmental efforts! This encompasses many aspects of your life which include, recycling, driving less (or driving battery powered cars), and ensuring your waste goes to the right place when you are done with it. They all seem like very simple steps that you can take to avoid apocalypse, but it is still surprising how many people are oblivious about what causes apocalypse. Not enough people realize how dangerous littering, fossil fuels and improper waste disposal are to the entire planet. We need to finally smarten up for once in our history and start thinking ahead to the days in the future when we don’t have to worry about overheating the planet to the point of apocalypse.

Don’t Start a War


Yes believe it or not this common sense does not appear to be that common in humanity. For the entire history of mankind people have always fought over land, food and water, regardless of the consequences of their actions. With war being the most real threat to our planet’s safety, now is the time for mankind to look at ourselves and realize it is not worth it destroying the planet over another war. What we ask of you is really very simple, that you don’t go about starting another war that we all have to worry about.


So there you have it, everything you wanted to know about global warming leading to apocalypse and war leading to apocalypse. If this all wasn’t enough to scare you into loving thy neighbour and recycling, then nothing will. The only thing that will stop humanity from dealing with an apocalypse will be humanity itself. Unfortunately this also happens to be the same trigger that could potentially cause the apocalypse.


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A DIY Guide To How To Survive The Apocalypse

Now that we’ve discussed the very real possibility that the world turns into a barren wasteland due to our disregard for our global warming impact or war, why don’t we take some time to prepare for it? When the apocalypse happens the world will be empty, fruitless and accompanied by few surviving humans. Amongst all the things you need to prepare for whether it is food, safety, aid..etc, we’ve got it all covered. Take a quick look at some of our DUI tips you can use to help you survive this apocalypse!

Strength In Numbers


Where there is one, there are few. What this means is that if you are a survivor of the apocalypse, then there are most likely a couple other straggling survivors around as well. What you want to do is find them and stick together like glue. Now that the order of man’s world has been destroyed, you have to stick together in groups to avoid bad encounters amongst those who seek this opportunity to rise up and control, (It is theorized that when there is no order, those who had no power now take advantage and demand all of it). By staying close by you will protect your own interests as well as others.

When Food Is Scarce, Make Do With What You Have.


When food is scarce, there’s no other way around the fact that you are going to need to adjust to the shift in your diet. Since food is going to be hard to come by, when you find anything whether it is abandoned stores or any remains of agriculture, stock up and stock up well. You may not get many chances such as these to take in an appropriate amount of nutrients to stay alive.

Stay Positive


In times of stress and suffering as the apocalypse will bring, you must stay positive in the fact that humanity will be able to rebuild itself. It is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking your situation is too dire for any good to come out, but if you can survive and stay safe, humanity has a way of bouncing back from anything. If you take our tips and stick close by other friendly people, make do with the food you come by, and ultimately stay positive. There is nothing that is impossible. When the world is looking as though it is coming to an end, a small touch of optimism will go pretty far.


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What If We Trigger The Apocalypse Through War?

Not only is humanity in danger of forcing the apocalypse on ourselves through climate change, from the war that is going on in the world, many would not be surprised if we, in fact, caused it through war. This can become even more plausible when we take a look at the types of weapons that modern militaries are using in this day and age. With missiles powerful enough to destroy big islands, and bombs ready to wipe out countries, it should come as no surprise that this could be a reason. If you combine these weapons with the tension between many countries in the 21st century, we should all be getting ready to prepare.


Is There Any Way To Stop This?


Despite the fact that this may seem extremely plausible, there are also many who have devoted themselves to ensure it doesn’t. There are luckily organizations such as the U.N which is solely a peacekeeping organization to keep countries from fighting and causing severe collateral damages. Besides the U.N there is also a much more powerful reason that countries don’t escalate wars to this level. The term is called M.A.D or Mutually Assured Destruction. This basically means that when two nations collide and battle, neither one of them is able to use their most powerful weapons simply because they are afraid the other side will use theirs and then ultimately there will be nothing left. This makes somewhat of a truce on the high-powered bomb front, as both sides recognize it is good for neither side to use such powerful weapons.


We’ve Already Avoided This Situation Once Before!

If there is one glimmer of hope in that we will not detonate countries off the face of the earth, it is the fact that we have avoided it before. In the late 20th century the war known as “The Cold War” was in it’s prime. This was mainly a political war between American Democrats and Soviet Communists. The main lesson that we learned from this war was the fact of how well mutually assured destruction works in real application. Both sides of the war knew that each one of them was capable of doing such harm that neither budged. Many citizens of both countries at the time were afraid of this “apocalypse” however luck was on humanity’s side for this occasion and disaster was successfully avoided. After all, everyone knew Albert Einstein to be true when he was quoted saying, “I don’t know what world war 3 will be fought with but I know world war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Why Climate Change Could Mean The End Of Us

All of a sudden things are starting to realize how drastically and how soon climate change is going to be affecting all of us. Too many times it has been a controversial issue such as abortion or LGBTQ rights, as opposed to a real danger. The fact of the matter is that as a human race it will be almost an ironic way to end our species as we will have literally killed ourselves without acknowledging the fact that it’s happening. Below we thought we would share a couple facts about what climate change could mean for mankind and the world come the future.


The Apocalypse Is Real


No longer is the apocalypse something we pretend happens in movies and video games, this could actually turn out to be an unfortunate reality for mankind. What the apocalypse means is that there will no longer be life on earth as we will have turned it into an inhospitable wasteland. The vehicle which will bring about this destruction, as heard many times before is going to be greenhouse gasses and our fossil fuel consumption. What this will actually do to our planet is slowly but surely heat it up as the sun rays become trapped in our atmosphere due to the thick amounts of gasses. As gruesome as it sounds the planet will eventually become too hot to live in, life will not be able to thrive and species one by one will slowly become extinct as the environment becomes too extreme. If this is a big enough hint for the human race, then we will be next as the plants and trees will shrivel up as we ourselves begin to suffer in the planet we once thrived in. When it’s all said and done we will have caused a mass apocalypse through global warming.


On The Lighter Side Of Things!


It should, however, be noted that this first stage of global warming is already upon us and many are starting to take action. Some of the smarter ones have begun to release credible, and respected evidence to support legislation being passed that will avoid such an event. It is unfortunate that it had to get this far but we should all be thankful that there is still time for us to turn things around and keep the planet thriving as it always has been.