Like I mentioned before, I have many things on my to-do list. So here’s my privacy policy.

I’m just a person who wants to create a dialogue and share my preparation procedures for those who are interested. It’s just me. and you.

Your information is protected, I won’t share/sell/trade/pawn/squander/market/package/etc. any personal data and information shared with me.

I care about your privacy like I care about my own… #KeepOut. If you want me to destroy any of the information you share, simply ask, it’s a done deal.

If there are any changes at all to this privacy policy, I will update it here as well as via email to those who have given me permission to communicate via email.


Think I’m misusing your info? Contact me IMMEDIATELY at Again, feel free to contact me if you have an issue with the use of your info. Thanks!